Submitted by Mary Garris
Assessor for the City of Waynesboro, Virginia

Here are Mary’s notes and feedback from her recent Vision Implementation that she’d like to share with other communities considering Vision CAMA.

Why did you choose Vision?

After working with the same software for nearly twenty years, we were impressed with the level of functionality Vision offered and excited to see how that could help us improve and advance our current assessment practices.  After learning of so many satisfied users in surrounding localities, we were excited to hop on board.

How would you say Vision compares to your community's previous CAMA System?

Vision has taken multi-stepped processes back to one.  Although we are still very new users, we all agree so far that Vision is more user friendly than our previous system.

What are some things you think the platform does well?

As new users (Go-Live date 2/3/20), we haven’t had much time to move around in the system, but we’re really excited about the ability to easily produce a list of comparable sales.  The ability to create and customize groups and dashboards is also a huge asset to our day to day functions.

Vision is the fastest growing CAMA provider in Virginia. Would you recommend Vision CAMA to other Virginia communities?

At this point, we would not hesitate to recommend Vision to other Virginia communities.

Vision markets our CAMA system as a flexible, out of the box solution that’s powerful enough to be configured for any community. Would you say that’s a fair statement?

We would absolutely agree!

Vision’s standard implementation process is 5 months from start to finish. How did we do?

From Purchasing to IT to our office, we’ve all been impressed with the process.  From contract negotiations to go live, the process was smooth and anyone we needed at any point, made themselves available.

How would you rate us from a project management perspective?

Project management was top notch. We were lucky enough to be matched with Jen Rukstela.  She was a great fit for our locality.  Her experience on the assessment side helped us make decisions regarding future business practices that we may not have thought to consider as we were working to make so many other decisions.

She’s organized, driven, and very detail oriented.  Add to that her excitement about the product and service she’s providing, along with her love of a problem-solving challenge, it’s hard to have anything but confidence in the project management side!

Were you happy with the level of support you received during your implementation?

We were very happy with the level of support we received.  From configuration to where we are now as new users, we’re thrilled.  Dylan was assigned as our designated Account Manager and was here for our go live day and the two training days after.  Matt was on-site with us two days after go live for training and one-on-one assistance.

Their presence and knowledge about Vision left us feeling far more confident in ourselves and our new software than we thought we would be two days in.

Were there any unique aspects about your community or your data that needed to be considered during your implementation?

We had “attached map numbers” that weren’t initially recognized in Vision because of the way they were housed in the previous software.  After a few three-way calls and brainstorming sessions with IT and Jen, she was able to find a solution and work with the data engineers to make it work.  Impressive!

What’s the one thing you wish you knew before undergoing your conversion, and do you have any advice for future clients preparing for an implementation?

After just going through the implementation process, we would say involvement and communication with your project manager is key.  If they don’t know your struggles, they can’t help you find a solution.


Is your CAMA provider aligned with your vision of the future?