Providing forward-thinking leaders with the ability to examine and evaluate their office at every level and from multiple perspectives – in minutes – not days or weeks.

Executive Dashboards

Summary View for Your Office Leadership

In this digital world, every leader has to respond to changes and make decisions faster. Vision Analytics delivers that capability by presenting graphical representations of your critical data in the form of executive dashboards.

These dashboards present the measurements of productivity and performance across your office at a glance, including year-over-year analysis of real-time data. This data empowers your team with actionable intelligence.



  • Make better-informed decisions by using Vision Analytics to see timelines for projects and throttle your resources accordingly.


  • See the overall state of your Appraisal Roll including trending year-over-year with color indicators to draw your eye to the relevant information.

Deeper Data

  • Filter by Taxing Authority and stratum for a deeper view of trending.

Mapping Pages

Superior Mapping Visuals with Streetview Capabilities

Display Various Data Points

  • Display data points by use-type and style descriptions.

Thematic Mapping

  • Distinguish easily between data sets with thematic mapping.

Sales Analysis

Advanced High-Level Sales Overview

Vision Analytics illustrates where your office is excelling, and where it can do better by drilling down into the data behind the graphs, giving you a more detailed insight into trends and activity.

Use this tool to keep an eye on your data, see your COD and PRD across all qualified sales data for a time period, and drill down to a neighborhood for an analysis of the market trends in that area.

Vision Analytics also provides sales ratio trend lines and a median sale price map with bubble sizes to indicate sales price group and median price. This dual display of maps gives you the right tools to assist in spotting trends and outliers in the most efficient manner.

Our dashboards are intuitive.

As selections are made, all of the drop-down lists are dynamically filtered to provide just the options that are relevant.

Using Vision Analytics, you can assess your current data and work in progress, conduct historical point-in-time analysis, and examine trends or model scenarios without spending valuable time wading through reports, or being overwhelmed by irrelevant details.

All Your Data – On Demand

with Unrivaled Analytics and Unmatched services

Executive Dashboards

  • Review productivity within geographic areas and reassign personnel for effective load leveling
  • Clearly communicate and display assigned responsibilities

Sales Analysis

  • View your COD and PRD in real-time, by neighborhood and stratum to highlight trends
  • Spot patterns and outliers quickly and efficiently


  • Display data points by use-type and style descriptions
  • Distinguish easily between data sets with thematic mapping

Top performance

  • Support effective and quick-thinking leaders
  • Enhance visibility of overall goals and deadlines, ensuring understanding of individual roles

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