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The Digital Future of Assessing

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    Follow the Vision Team as we explore the impact new and emerging digital technology has on the way we work and what it means for the future of professionals in the assessing industry.


      Staying Connected to Taxpayers During Social Distancing

      Date: 4/13/20 | Time: 11:00am

      In a world where we’re working from home or our offices are closed to the public, how can we continue to effectively engage with taxpayers?

      Session Panelists:

      Justin Kuzmich
      Real Estate Director, City of Salem, VA

      Derek Green
      City Assessor, City of Williamsburg, VA

      Colleen Healy
      Chair, Board of Assessors, City of Quincy, MA


      Enhancing Your Productivity Using Desktop Review

      Date: 4/23/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      Join us to see our tips and tricks for using Desktop Review to generate accurate valuations when you can’t get out into the field.

      Session Panelists:

      Peter Lynch
      County Assessor, Albemarle County, VA

      Elyse Paré
      City Assessor, City of Providence, RI

      William Ford
      City Assessor, City of Norwalk, CT

      Stephen Whalen
      Appraisal Project Manager, VGSI


      Leveraging GIS to Maximize the Accuracy of Valuations

      Date: 4/29/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      Join Greg Daniels, CAE, Real Estate Assessor for the City of Chesapeake, VA and Vision Government Solutions for tips and tricks to help you maximize the accuracy of your valuations by leveraging GIS.

      Session Panelists:

      Greg Daniels
      Real Estate Assessor, City of Chesapeake, VA

      Gary Fields
      Project Manager, VGSI



      Digital Tools and Best Practices to Set Your Team Up for Remote Working

      Date: 5/5/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      Tools you and your team can implement to increase efficiency, handle upcoming deadlines and work through your backlog whether working from home or the office.

      Session Panelists:

      Jason Hughes
      Real Estate Manager, Augusta County, VA & President of the VAAO

      Peter Lynch
      County Assessor, Albemarle County, VA

      Jen Rukstela
      Project Manager, VGSI

      Mary Rose Steele
      Mathematics Teacher, Algonquin Regional High School



      Visualizing Your CAMA Data with Intuitive Analysis Tools

      Date: 5/21/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      How to take advantage of data visualization tools to gain a deeper view into your CAMA data and see the big picture with a fresh perspective.

      Session Panelists:

      David Cornell
      Cornell Consultants

      Rosann Maurice-Lentz
      City Assessor, City of Portsmouth, NH

      Verna Sharpe
      Deputy Assessor, City of Portsmouth, NH



      Roundtable Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Values

      Date: 6/16/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      Join our discussion on the impact COVID-19 will have on real estate property valuations.

      Session Panelists:

      Scott Mayausky
      Commissioner of the Revenue, Stafford County, VA

      Wade Barber
      Chief Deputy Property Appraiser, Pasco County, FL

      Lane Partridge
      Assessor, Town of Concord, MA

      Michael Tarello
      VP of Appraisal Operations, VGSI


      Tips & Tricks for Hosting Virtual Town Halls and Public Meetings

      Date: 8/5/20 | Time: 1:30pm

      Join us to see how municipalities are adapting to social distancing by transitioning Town Halls, Board of Equalization meetings and Budget Committee meetings into virtual formats.

      Session Panelists:

      Kenneth Mallette
      Assessor, Town of Cumberland, RI

      Manny Cid
      Mayor, Town of Miami Lakes, FL

      Shawna Beach
      Officer Manager, Taylor County, FL


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