The Digital Future of Assessing

Welcome to Vision’s new web series! Follow along during our regularly scheduled webinars as we explore the impact new and emerging digital technology has on the way we work and what it means for the future of professionals in the assessing industry.



Addressing Homeowners Alarm Over Rising Values

Date: 11/17/2021 | Time: 1:30pm

With the red-hot property market, homeowners are watching their property value rise at an exponential rate. It is natural to ask, “will this increase my property tax bill”? As a resource for their community, the Assessment Office is hit with this question daily. Vision services and supports jurisdictions as they support their constituents. Join us as we discuss ways to educate, provide consistent messaging and reduce concern!


Bruce Woodzell | IAAO Past President

Session Panelists:

Jessica Lautz| VP of Demographic & Behavioral Insights, National Association of Realtors

Joshua Zeyn | Chief Assessor, Tioga County, PA

Gus Martinez | County Assessor, Santa Fe County, NM

Best Practices

DIY Database Decluttering

Date: 10/27/2021 | Time: 1:30pm

Clutter is everywhere. Whether we give something a makeshift home, misplace it, or put it aside for a rainy day, we are all prone to seemingly insurmountable disorganization. We will discuss DIY strategies to achieve and maintain a clutter-free database, regardless of your CAMA software.

Session Panelists:

Thomas Blackwell | MCR, Essex County, VA

Dylan DiGeronimo | Vision Project Manager

Nick Leone | Vision Project Manager

Tips & Tricks

Discover Excel's Most Useful Assessing Tips & Tricks

Date: 6/29/21 | Time: 1:30pm

Join us for a run-through of some of Excel’s most useful assessing tips and tricks!

  • Discover Excel’s new charts and graphs
  • Apply logic based conditional formatting
  • Automate data preparation and cleaning
  • Use Power Query
  • Use Pivot Tables and Power Pivot Tables
  • Create custom statistical measures in Excel (coefficient of dispersion, for example)

Session Panelists:

David Cornell | Cornell Consultants, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Mobile Integrations

Optimizing Your Data Collection Strategy by Integrating Mobile Tools with CAMA

Date: 5/12/21 | Time: 1:30pm

Join us for the next session of Vision’s Digital Future of Assessing web series to learn how the City of Salem, VA streamlined and optimized their data collection strategy. During this session we’ll demonstrate the tools they used to increase their productivity by streamlining parcel assignments, reducing data collection times, and automating tasks like routing, photo assignments, data entry, and productivity tracking.

Session Panelists:

Justin Kuzmich | Real Estate Director, City of Salem, VA

Billy Burle |Senior Product Consultant, Data Cloud Solutions



Ten Modeling Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Date: 2/8/21 | Time: 1:30pm

The proper development of mass appraisal models is critical for practitioners who want to increase valuation accuracy and model explainability.  This session describes ten common modeling mistakes to avoid.  Attendees will gain a better knowledge of how to handle some of the most common challenges facing mass appraisal model-builders.

Session Panelists:

Josh Myers | Josh Myers Valuation Solutions

Paul Bidanset |IAAO Valuation Research Project Manager

Ruel Williamson | CEO/President Mind Pearl LLC



Enhancing the Accuracy of Valuations with Aerial Imagery

Date: 12/2/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join us as we go behind the scenes into how communities are utilizing aerial imagery technology to enhance the accuracy of their valuations during the current pandemic. Vision Government Solutions has partnered with EagleView, a leading provider of high-resolution aerial imagery, to ensure that assessors have access to the complete and detailed property images they need.

Session Panelists:

Justin Kuzmich
Real Estate Director, City of Salem, VA
Laura Mondo
Regional Technical Manager, EagleView
Janet Courson
Senior Field Assessor, Crawford County, PA
Phil Baranyai
GIS Manager, Crawford County, PA
Joe Galbo
Chief Assessor, Crawford County, PA
Kathy Fitzsimmons
Deputy Chief Assessor, Crawford County, PA

Ask the Experts


Assessment Appeals – How to Receive Less and Win More

Date: 10/14/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join our live roundtable discussion on how to receive fewer appeals and win more.


Bruce Woodzell
IAAO Past President

Session Panelists:

Greg McHenry
Appraiser, Riley County, KS & IAAO President Elect

Derek Green
City Assessor, Williamsburg, VA

Greg Daniels
Real Estate Assessor, Chesapeake, VA

Michael Flynn
Commercial Assessor, Quincy, MA 


Tips & Tricks for Hosting Virtual Town Halls and Public Meetings

Date: 8/5/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join us to see how municipalities are adapting to social distancing by transitioning Town Halls, Board of Equalization meetings and Budget Committee meetings into virtual formats.

Session Panelists:

Kenneth Mallette
Assessor, Town of Cumberland, RI

Manny Cid
Mayor, Town of Miami Lakes, FL

Shawna Beach
Office Manager, Taylor County Property Appraiser, FL


Thought Leadership


Roundtable Discussion on the Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Values

Date: 6/16/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join our discussion on the impact COVID-19 will have on real estate property valuations.

Session Panelists:

Scott Mayausky
Commissioner of the Revenue, Stafford County, VA

Wade Barber
Chief Deputy Property Appraiser, Pasco County Property Appraiser, FL

Lane Partridge
Assessor, Town of Concord, MA

Michael Tarello
VP of Appraisal Operations, VGSI



Visualizing Your CAMA Data with Intuitive Analysis Tools

Date: 5/21/20 | Time: 1:30pm

How to take advantage of data visualization tools to gain a deeper view into your CAMA data and see the big picture with a fresh perspective.

Session Panelists:

David Cornell
Cornell Consultants

Rosann Maurice-Lentz
City Assessor, City of Portsmouth, NH

Verna Sharpe
Deputy Assessor, City of Portsmouth, NH



Digital Tools and Best Practices to Set Your Team Up for Remote Working

Date: 5/5/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Tools you and your team can implement to increase efficiency, handle upcoming deadlines and work through your backlog whether working from home or the office.

Session Panelists:

Jason Hughes
Real Estate Manager, Augusta County, VA & President of the VAAO

Peter Lynch
County Assessor, Albemarle County, VA

Jen Rukstela
Project Manager, VGSI

Mary Rose Steele
Mathematics Teacher, Algonquin Regional High School


Leveraging GIS to Maximize the Accuracy of Valuations

Date: 4/29/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join Greg Daniels, CAE, Real Estate Assessor for the City of Chesapeake, VA and Vision Government Solutions for tips and tricks to help you maximize the accuracy of your valuations by leveraging GIS.

Session Panelists:

Greg Daniels
Real Estate Assessor, City of Chesapeake, VA

Gary Fields
Project Manager, VGSI


Enhancing Your Productivity Using Desktop Review

Date: 4/23/20 | Time: 1:30pm

Join us to see our tips and tricks for using Desktop Review to generate accurate valuations when you can’t get out into the field.

Session Panelists:

Peter Lynch
County Assessor, Albemarle County, VA

Elyse Paré
City Assessor, City of Providence, RI

William Ford
City Assessor, City of Norwalk, CT

Stephen Whalen
Appraisal Project Manager, VGSI


Staying Connected to Taxpayers During Social Distancing

Date: 4/13/20 | Time: 11:00am

In a world where we’re working from home or our offices are closed to the public, how can we continue to effectively engage with taxpayers?

Session Panelists:

Justin Kuzmich
Real Estate Director, City of Salem, VA

Derek Green
City Assessor, City of Williamsburg, VA

Colleen Healy
Chair, Board of Assessors, City of Quincy, MA

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