Vision User Spotlight, August 2019

Lexington MA

We are thrilled to announce Rob Lent as our first Vision User Spotlight! Read about Rob’s most interesting property appraisal, perspective on industry evolution, and best appraisal practices!

Rob Lent has been an Assessor for 12 years, with 8 years as the Director. He got his start in Commercial Real Estate Appraisal work and made the tranistion to Assessing. 

How long have you been using Vision?

“Over a dozen years, all with Mike Tarello as our consultant who has made it easy and effective. I like Mike!”

What is your favorite part about being an assessor?

“Assuring equitable valuation in the community, and being right most of the time.”

What is the most unique property you have assessed?

“An 8-story, 1,000 space, parking garage that is a condo.”

What are some best practices you would share with folks who are new to the assessing industry?

“Work hard to get better and better at creating your own Vision reports. Ask fellow assessors for what reports they create.”

How would you describe your community to someone who has never visited?

“Affluent and intelligent citizenry, often challenging our valuation methods and processes, and the Town has an interesting variety of housing stock.”

How have you seen the industry evolve over time?

“More and more focused on high tech after you’ve mastered the basic (low tech) concepts.”

Are there any changes you would like to see in the industry?

“Higher fees paid for appraisal work; and financial awards for knowledge and ingenuity in assessing work.”

What other advice, tips or tricks or important information would you like to share with fellow Vision users?

“Give more written information to your fellow assessors than they may have specifically asked for; your help to them will come back to you 10 fold.”

What do you think are some of the most interesting and controversial topics being discussed in the appraisal industry?

“Artificial intelligence computerized valuation.”

We give a special thanks to Rob Lent for being our first Vision User Spotlight! Look out for the next edition of the Vision User Spotlight in our September Newsletter!