Hear directly from Corey Clark, Vision’s Data Engineering Specialist, on the tremendous improvements that have made it possible to complete Vision 8 upgrades in 2 weeks with 100% value match:

Question #1: How does the Support Team ensure a seamless experience when upgrading to Vision 8?

  • Our Support Team answers 99.5% of lives calls every day, ensuring that any post-upgrade questions get answered within minutes. The Vision Support team prides ourselves on our reputation for being highly responsive, helpful and dependable. We’re always here if you have any questions or feedback, or even if you just want to check in to let us know how things are going.
  • After each upgrade, we walk every community through a configuration call to ensure their unique instance of Vision 8 looks and feels the way they want. We then follow that up with a deep-dive training session.Vision 8’s user interface offers a lot of control and flexibility in terms of navigation, field labels and layout preferences. During our configuration call, we identify key customizations that allow our client’s data to be organized in a readily accessible fashion that makes the most sense for them.

Question #2: How does Vision migrate or upgrade clients with 100% value match so much faster than other providers?

  • We use advanced automation tools and conversion routines instead of doing tedious manual data entry the old way.Our internal home-grown automation tools utilize a series of checks called “Conversion Routines”. They’re essentially a combination of different scripts that run during the automation process to check and flag any errors that occur while mapping information into our system.

    It actually takes some other providers months just to move the data from one place to another manually. I can’t imagine doing it that way. Not only does it increase the risk of human error, but it wastes a lot of time better spent on quality control and implementing useful client customizations.

  • Our final value matching and quality control steps are performed by our own highly experienced team of appraisers.

    The automated data conversion itself can take as little as two days. The majority of that two week upgrade time is actually spent performing quality control and value matching steps. Getting a call from one of our expert appraisers with 35 years of experience who’s identified some mismatched data entries is a much more effective use of our client’s time than only being able to speak with a developer who doesn’t fully understand all of the nuances of their business.

Question #3: What was the overall impact of all of those changes for Vision clients?

  • Faster conversions and upgrades, and happier clients! The team here at Vision is hard at work rolling out 10 to 20 upgrades a month with a 2-week turnaround from start to finish. The best part is that the average number of support tickets per upgrade is at an all time low, which is a great indicator that our training is working and that all of these changes are working together to make a huge difference.

We hope you enjoyed a look into our world here at Vision. If you’d like more information about Vision 8  click here to download our latest brochure.

The Vision Team