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“They were extremely patient, knowledgeable, professional and responsive, and I applaud them for their fine work.  I congratulate Vision for employing such fine and technically proficient customer support staff.”


“In order to accomplish our goal [the IAAO’s Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration] we knew we needed to have the highest caliber of people, the best technology out there and the best partners out there.”


“Our upgrade to Vision 8 went extremely well. Every step of the process from the configuration call to the webinar training and finally the on-site training with Matt Burke was very helpful. I am very happy with the whole process, and honestly can’t think of one thing that Vision could have done better!”


“Service of this kind may be routine for VGSI but it is considered exceptional by me and we are grateful…once again your team rose to, and went beyond, the challenge.”

Why So Many Counties Choose Vision:



Clients Across the United States

8-9 Month

Implementation & Conversion

20+ Years

Average Client Relationship


Calls Answered by Our Live Support Team

Unparalleled CAMA Software

Backed by the Industry’s Best Support with 99% of Calls Answered Live

Designed by Appraisers:

  • Completely customizable user panels

  • Supports multiple approaches to value

  • Sophisticated analytical tools

  • Customizable Property Record Cards

  • All fields available for ad hoc reporting

Market’s Largest Customer Support Team:

  • Used by jurisdictions from under 300 parcels to over 1 million parcels
  • Accurate and fast implementations
  • Convert to fully functioning sketches, not just pictures of sketches


Vision CAMA platform is designed by appraisers, for appraisers.

Assessors and appraisers on our Customer Advisory Board custom-built Vision CAMA to meet the needs of the assessing community.


Work the way you want with tremendous customization and flexibility:

  • Add, edit, hide, or relabel any field
  • Select the features that meet your needs using the admin module
  • Built-in Property Record Card editor
  • Robust permissioning & security


Every feature was hand-selected and designed for ease-of-use, including:

  • Easy-access parcel header
  • Intuitive user interface
  • “Create-your-own” dashboards
  • Full self-service help portal
  • The industry’s best support team

Industry's Best Sketch Program

Vision Sketch is specially tailored to reduce the time burden on assessors and improve valuation accuracy:  

  • See impact on value as you sketch
  • Easily flip and rotate sketches
  • Seamlessly split and convert shapes
  • Quickly add points and modify lines
  • Dozens of built-in time savers like bay  window stamps and labeling shortcuts
  • Export to multiple format types

Unmatched Appraisal Expertise

Specializing in Appraisal Processes:

  • Complete Over 125 Appraisal Projects Each Year

  • Certified in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VA, PA, OH and VT

  • Understanding of Special State Laws and Programs

  • Smart and Informative Public Relations Programs

A Trusted Team:

  • Dedicated Project Manager for Each Project
  • Years of Proven Mass Appraisal Experience

  • A highly skilled, knowledgeable team of appraisal professionals

  • 177 of Vision’s 300 Employees are dedicated appraisal team members


Vision staff are power-users of Vision CAMA, eliminating costly mistakes


177 of Vision's 300 employees are dedicated Appraisal team members

Additional Solutions

Vision Web Portal

Increase taxpayer transparency by sharing your CAMA and GIS data with taxpayers online.

Many of our communities opt to use this feature to improve communication with the public and reduce the time burden of fielding inquiries within the office. This feature has become especially popular after the COVID-19 pandemic, as it enables communities to stay connected to taxpayers while reducing in-office foot traffic.

It is also especially popular for communicating changes to values affiliated with a reassessment process. In fact, many Vision communities’ change of value notices will direct taxpayers to the Vision Web Portal for further information. 



  • The Vision Web Portal offers the CAMA administrator the utmost flexibility to control what data appears publicly (ownership information, sales information, construction details, sketches, photos and more).



  • The Vision Web Portal comes with an automated data loader, enabling each Community to set up its preferred cadence for data updates: “set it and forget it!”



  • Vision CAMA is fully configurable to suppress sensitive or non-disclosure taxpayer records from the public portal. A common example is suppressing the personal information of law enforcement.



  • Your community can determine whether citizens are able to access the page publicly or whether a log-in is required (with an optional paywall for generating revenue for your community). 95% of our communities include free access to the portal, but some states do generate revenue by charging for access. 

Vision Analytics Dashboards

Providing forward-thinking leaders with the ability to examine and evaluate their office at every level and from multiple perspectives – in minutes – not days or weeks.

In this digital world, every leader has to respond to changes and make decisions faster. Vision Analytics delivers that capability by presenting graphical representations of your critical data in the form of executive dashboards.  

These dashboards present the measurements of productivity and performance across your office at a glance, including year-over-year analysis of real-time data. This data empowers your team with actionable intelligence.


Executive Dashboards

  • Quickly field questions from the media or other entities, such as, median residential sale prices within a neighborhood, city, or specific area, with year over year or historical trending
  • Make better informed decisions by using Vision Analytics to see timelines for projects and throttle your resources accordingly
  • Has the ability to track exemption applications and amounts by jurisdiction, quickly inform a jurisdiction as to how their roll is impacted by an increase in exemptions within an area.
  • Provides sales ratio trendlines and median sale price by neighborhood, along with COD an PRD.
  • Conduct historical point-in-time analysis within your data
    Examine trends with data on demand.

Sales Analysis

  • View your COD and PRD in real-time, by neighborhood and stratum to highlight trends
  • Spot patterns and outliers quickly and efficiently


  • Display data points by use-type and style descriptions
  • Distinguish easily between data sets with thematic mapping

Top performance

  • Support effective and quick-thinking leaders
  • Enhance visibility of overall goals and deadlines, ensuring understanding of individual roles