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VAAO 72nd Annual Conference

    Tue, 10/6, 8AM-5PM: National USPAP Update

    Presented by Joyce Pusey

    Wed, 10/7, 8AM-10AM: Hosting Virtual Public Meetings

    Presented by Rachel Quinn, Vision Government Solutions

    Wed, 10/7, 10AM-12PM: Data Cloud Solutions

    Presented by Daniel Anderson & Billy Burle

    Wed, 10/7, 12PM-1:30PM: Lunch

    We’ll see you back here at 1:30pm!

    Wed, 10/7, 1:30PM-5PM: Eagleview / Spatialest

    Presented by John Atkinson, Rachel Kubiak and Helen McNulty

    Thur, 10/8, 8AM-12PM: VAAO Annual Professional Seminar

    Presented by Ed Martinez & Randy Cook

    Thur, 10/8, 12PM-1:30PM: Lunch

    We’ll see you back here at 1:30pm!

    Thur, 10/8, 1:30PM-5PM: Professional Seminar - Continued

    Presented by Ed Martinex & Randy Cook

    Fri, 10/9, 8AM-10AM: "Retail-Is it Really an Apocalypse?" & Covid Appeals

    Presented by Pete Rodda

    Fri, 10/9, 10AM-12PM: "Top 10 Best Ways to Lose in Court"

    Presented by Andrew McRoberts

    Fri, 10/9, 12PM-1:30PM: Lunch

    We’ll see you back here at 1:30pm!

    Fri, 10/9, 1:30PM-4:00PM: Annual Business Meeting, Awards, Installation of Officers

    Thank you for joining us!

    VAAO 72nd Annual Conference

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