Vision’s CAMA solution specifically designed for Florida

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Vision’s CAMA solution designed specifically for Florida.

All calculations and values are real-time based on current parcel, account data and cost tables.

Future year data may be entered and saved with current parcel and account data.

On-demand view of DOR recaps, reports and extracts as well as tax collector extracts with current values.

On screen display of capping calculations by taxing authority for current as well as prior assessment years.

Multi-year tax roll correction functionality including revised exemption and capping calculations.

On-demand view of TRIM notice with current values.

Accurate CAMA conversions at record speed

Vision’s software project managers have years of appraisal expertise with deep familiarity converting communities from all major cama systems.

Our “agile” approach to software development allows us to achieve some of the fastest, most accurate CAMA conversions in the industry.

Vision's latest Florida community was converted to Sunshine CAMA in a record breaking 9 months!