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December 2021 Edition

Happy Holidays!

During this holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to the Vision community. We extend our deepest thanks for making 2021 our strongest partnership yet!

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2022 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

Training Opportunity

Vision 8 Training Webinar: Owner Maintenance

Wednesday, January 19th at 1:30 PM

Topics to be covered:
  • Purpose of Owner Maintenance
  • Walkthrough of Functionality
  • Integration with Owner & Deed Page

Hosted by Matt Burke Vision Training & Support Specialist

Register Here

Catch Up on the Digital Future of Assessing Recordings from 2021

Did you miss any of our Digital Future of Assessing webinars this year? You can access the recordings anytime through the Customer Portal and on our website!

Thank you to all our moderators and session panelists that participated in our webinar series this year. We are excited to continue our series in 2022!

Access the Digital Future of Assessing Series Recordings

Meet the Vision Support Team

Talk to Me About:

Homesteading. I am a jack of all trades!

Most Innovative Use of CAMA I’ve Seen

When testing for Value changes internally, if you create a Temporary Save Assessment Line (Ex: 2099) You can then perform a FULL recalc of the data and then Perform an Old to New report for Line 0 to Line 1 and any Value changes in your finding will be the result of your Recalc.


My Favorite CAMA Feature:

When Creating a Condo Main, don’t use an existing parcel. Create a New Main from scratch and turn existing parcels into Condo Units where necessary.


Vision Tip:

When creating a Condo Main, don’t use an existing parcel. Create a New Main from scratch and turn existing parcels into Condo Units where necessary.


A Support Resource Not Everyone Knows About:

On the first Parcel Search Criteria screen, when Vision starts, You can click >Query and search for parcels based on Use Code, among other choices. This is much faster than using the report wizard. Especially if you are trying to compare multiple parcels of the Same type: 1010 for Example.

Vision 8 Patch Update


Have you booked your Vision 8.2.13 update appointment?

When scheduling an upcoming appointment you can expect to receive the latest patch update currently available.

These small patch updates allow us to respond and remedy reported issues faster, increasing the stability of each major release with every patch.

To book your appointment please visit the Customer Portal. Scroll down the page to schedule your Latest Available Update.

Go To Customer Portal

Password: VisionFamily

Vision Tips & Tricks

Did You Know…

“You can use the Picture Frame icon along the top of the Sketching module to center and scale your sketch, ensuring you are seeing the entire building on screen.”

Matt Burke

Training & Support Specialist

Appraisal News

Communities Working With Vision

  • Portsmouth, RI (Update)
  • Redding, CT (Update)
  • Quincy, MA (Update)
  • South Windsor, CT (Update)
  • East Haddam, CT (Update)
  • Glastonbury, CT (Update)
  • Preston, CT (Update)
  • Newton, CT (Update)
  • Warwick, RI (Update)
  • Bridgewater, CT (Update)
  • Tioga County, PA (Reval)
  • Leominster, MA (Update)

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