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05-24-2017 Data Collector
Looking for RI candidates-The Data Collector is the most visible member of the appraisal process to the general public. In many cases, this individual will be the only person that the taxpayer may see. Therefore, it is extremely important that the Data Collector present a professional image to the public. The primary responsibility of the Data Collector is to locate, identify and accurately measure the exterior dimensions of the assigned properties, as well as make a thorough inspection of the interiors and accurately record all pertinent data on a data collection form. Data Collectors are required to work forty hours per week. Depending on the contract, those hours may include Saturdays and weekdays between 5 p.m. and 7p.m.

If interested in one of these positions, please email your cover letter and resume, with the job description in the subject line, to hr@vgsi.com.