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"" Flexible User-Defined Fields
"" Flexible Fee Calculations
"" Easy-to-Use State Reporting Functionality
"" Blank Permit Applications
"" Comprehensive Security and Audit Trail
"" Integrated with Assessment and Collection Software
"" Simple Data Output Function

Permit Vision is currently installed in over 20 building departments throughout New England, with installations that range from 2,500 parcels to more than 40,000 parcels.

Following are some of the highlights of the system: 1) user-friendly design facilitating easy data entry; 2) built-in security, audit trails, and integrity checks; 3) built-in query builder facilitating print and data output to Excel, ASCII, text, and data; 4) unlimited user-defined fields; 5) unlimited user-defined fees; 6) ability to print detailed receipts; and 7) web-based taxpayer and building inspector interaction.

For more information, please call 800-628-1013 x2.

Permit Vision Software

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