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CAMA - Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal

"" Industry Standard Valuation Programs "" Integrated Imagery
"" Compliance with USPAP and IAAO Standards "" Built-In Graphical Sketch Tool
"" Flexible Screen and Database Design "" Modern Technology
"" Easy-to-Use Report Writer "" Significant Integration with Other Systems
"" Powerful Sales Analysis and Income Analysis Tools "" Integrated Field Data Collection System
"" Integrated Mapping Analysis Tools "" Online Database Hosting Functionality

Appraisal Vision is currently installed in over 450 assessing offices across thirteen states, with installations ranging in size from 300 parcels to more than 1,600,000 parcels. More than 2,500 appraisal projects have been completed using the software, and with over 500 years of combined appraisal experience with the top-thirty employees in the Appraisal Services side of the business, the software has been literally designed by appraisers for appraisers. Vision has observed our customers’ changing needs and has re-engineered business practices and software technology in order to meet these new requirements. Vision’s company culture fosters innovation at all levels.

The product includes all of the primary components of a full-featured property valuation and administration system, and supports numerous approaches to value (Cost, Comparable Sales, Income and Regression).

Following are some of the highlights: 1) the fully integrated GIS module allows spatial data to be factored into the valuation process; 2) the software includes a non-technical integrated report writer that can be used to query both tabular and spatial data; 3) the field data collection system facilitates cost-effective field work, with direct communication to the database via wi-fi or cellular networks; 4) the built-in export feature of the software allows data to be output for use by a variety of sources, including spreadsheets, ASCII files, and word processors; and 5) the software offers combined access to all the components required by the IAAO to fully support desktop review.

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Vision 7 CAMA Software

Vision 6.5 CAMA Software