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Assessment Administration and Tax Bills

"" Intuitive & User Friendly
"" Integrated Real and Personal/Tangible/Motor Vehicle Property Administration
"" Capacity to Handle All Forms of Exemptions and Abatements
"" Capability to Store and Apply Multiple Tax Rates
"" Flexible Formatting for Tax Roll and/or Report/Book Generation
"" On-Demand Re-Printing of Historical Bills
"" Highly Adaptive to Changing Legislation
"" Useful What-If Scenario Analysis Tool
"" Full Audit Trail

Administration Vision is currently installed in over 30 assessing offices throughout New England, with installations that range from 2,500 parcels to more than 40,000 parcels. Focused on customer satisfaction, Vision makes a significant investment in customer support and development updates every year.

Following are some of the highlights of the system: 1) the local staff keeps current with all issues relating to assessment and quickly reacts to all legislative changes; 2) the system supports multiple district tax rates based on assignment; and 3) mass updates of personal exemptions are simple to implement.

For more information, please call 800-628-1013 x2.

Administration Vision Software