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Jurisdictions that publish GIS mapping data along with their appraisal information will have a checkmark displayed in the GIS Map column.

County / City / Town Name GIS Map Last Updated
Andover, CT  12/29/2017
Ashford, CT  09/05/2018
Bolton, CT  04/27/2015
Branford, CT  04/20/2017
Bridgeport, CT  Weekly
Bridgewater, CT  02/23/2017
Bristol, CT  Weekly
Brookfield, CT  Daily
Brooklyn, CT  08/22/2018
Canaan, CT  07/24/2018
Canterbury, CT  09/07/2018
Clinton, CT  09/17/2018
Colchester, CT  03/01/2017
Colebrook, CT  06/06/2018
Columbia, CT  Weekly
Danbury, CT  05/05/2018
Deep River, CT  Monthly
Eastford, CT  Monthly
East Granby, CT  02/05/2018
East Haddam, CT  01/05/2018
East Hampton, CT  Monthly
East Lyme, CT  07/25/2018
Ellington, CT  07/12/2016
Enfield, CT  02/08/2018
Essex, CT  03/19/2018
Fairfield, CT  Monthly
Glastonbury, CT  07/09/2018
Goshen, CT  12/21/2017
Granby, CT  Weekly
Haddam, CT  08/07/2018
Hamden, CT  Monthly
Hampton, CT  01/30/2018
Kent, CT  01/24/2018
Lebanon, CT  Daily
Litchfield, CT  05/22/2018
Lisbon, CT  Weekly
Madison, CT  07/25/2018
Manchester, CT  Daily
Middlebury, CT  12/30/2016
Middlefield, CT  07/05/2018
Middletown, CT  04/04/2018
Milford, CT  07/15/2018
Monroe, CT  03/07/2018
New Britain, CT  Monthly
New Fairfield, CT  Daily
New Haven, CT  02/28/2018
New London, CT  07/31/2018
New Milford, CT  12/01/2017
Newtown, CT  06/05/2018
North Branford, CT  02/11/2018
North Haven, CT  Weekly
Norwalk, CT  09/20/2018
Norwich, CT  Daily
Old Lyme, CT  05/23/2018
Old Saybrook, CT  10/19/2017
Orange, CT  01/29/2018
Oxford, CT  02/27/2018
Plainfield, CT  Daily
Pomfret, CT  08/27/2018
Preston, CT  08/07/2018
Redding, CT  01/05/2018
Salem, CT  02/07/2018
Scotland, CT  05/10/2018
Sharon, CT  02/07/2018
Somers, CT  Weekly
South Windsor, CT  Monthly
Southbury, CT  05/10/2018
Southington, CT  03/14/2018
Sprague, CT  03/28/2018
Stafford, CT  Monthly
Stamford, CT  04/232018
Suffield, CT  Monthly
Thompson, CT  03/18/2018
Tolland, CT  04/18/2018
Trumbull, CT  07/12/2018
Union, CT  Monthly
Voluntown, CT  05/18/2018
Waterford, CT  08/13/2018
Watertown, CT  06/25/2018
Westbrook, CT  01/15/2018
West Hartford, CT  Weekly
Westport, CT  Daily
Willington, CT  Quarterly
Wilton, CT  Weekly
Windsor Locks, CT  06/12/2018
Winchester, CT  Weekly
Wolcott, CT  03/15/2018
Woodbridge, CT  05/24/2018
Woodstock, CT  11/29/2017