Taxpayer Information

Collect Required Physical Data

During this phase, Listers, otherwise known as data collectors, go to each property and physically inspect the interior and exterior of each building. They note the buildings location, size, age, and quality of construction, #of bedrooms and bathrooms, improvements, topography, utilities, zoning restrictions, if any, and numerous other characteristics both inside and out. If the property recently sold, the lister will inquire about the terms of the sale. If the property is a potential income producing property (apartment, office building, etc.) the lister may inquire about rental information. In order to obtain proof that a property was inspected, the owner is asked to sign the data collection form to verify that the inspection took place. The entire process typically takes approximately 15 minutes. If you are unsure about letting a person in, listers should carry proper identification and will have their information on file at the police department and the assessors office. Due to the cost required to physically visit properties, this step is not undertaken on every project.

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