Unrivaled service

Every customer happy every time. That is our commitment to the Vision community. We will not relent in our quest to perfect our service. Ever. That’s why >50% of Vision  customers have been with us for over 20 years.



appraisal expertise

Vision scouts for the best appraisers in the business. And when we find them, they stay. That’s why the average tenure of our appraisal staff is more than 20 years!

We then infuse that deep appraisal expertise into every nook of Vision, with appraisal staff guiding everything from our product roadmap to our conversions.


CAMA system

We set out to build the world’s first software platform designed entirely by assessors, for assessors. And it worked. With the fastest-growing CAMA software in the country, the Vision 8 community is growing like wildfire.

A Message from Vision’s CEO

Paul Smith

Paul Smith


What Vision is All About and Why

To Our Whole Vision Community –

I wanted to take a brief moment away from the day-to-day to express the incredible gratitude that I personally feel for our community of Vision users.

As I look into the future of Vision, I am most motivated by the days I spend with our users at our User Groups, demos, and training sessions. It is those days when the strength of our community truly shines.

Here are a few stats that make me ever more grateful to be where we are now:

  • 450 Vision customers and expanding rapidly
  • The fastest-growing CAMA platform on the market with 200 communities already signed up for Vision 8
  • 9 new Customer Support reps in the last 6 months
  • 100% of calls answered last week
  • Conversions to Vision 8 down to 2 weeks
  • The opportunity to see our Vision friends at recent events in New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island
  • And hundreds of conversations with Vision users that have turned Vision 8 into the best CAMA platform available

We will not rest until Vision is the best service provider on EVERY dimension, ALWAYS. That is my commitment to you.

Here’s to many more years together.